Offering WebEx training courses in Statistics

8th May 2020

In light of the COVID-19 situation, RK Statistics is now offering WebEx based short courses to pharmaceutical companies. In recent weeks four such courses have been developed/delivered on a variety of different topics to different groups within companies:

1. A two-lecture course to statisticians on 'Interim Analysis for Futility'. This short course consisted of two, 2-hour lectures/discussion sessions

2. A series of three Webinars to MSLs and Sales Reps working in oncology on relevant statistical issues. This is a series of three 2-hour Webinars

3. A general statistics for non-statisticians course delivered in a series of three 3-hour Webinars but again with a focus on oncology

4. A more extensive course to the Medical Affairs department consisting of two, 2 and a half hour Webinars covering statistics basics, followed by parallel streams of several one to one and a half hour Webinars on specific issues for those working in specific therapeutic settings

In all cases, these highly interactive webinars are built around Case Studies and publications that are relevant to the audience. I work in conjunction with the company to identify those case studies and publications, building workshop-exercises and discussion topics around them. 

Please contact me at if you would like to discuss your training and development needs in statistics


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